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Solar Powered Raised Pavement Marker is an environmentally safe road delineation treatment visible from up to 1 kilometre away. The units require little to no maintenance and generate no on-going operational costs. The Miracle technology is reliably used to delineate areas suffering poor visibility, pre-warn motorists of impending traffic calming treatments such as: traffic islands; roundabouts and speed humps or to delineate cycle and walking. paths, boat ramps and airport taxiways and aprons.

The Miracle range is assembled using the best available components with the housing made from a robust alloy-aluminum casting incorporating unbreakable poly-carbonate panels, coupled with the latest in LED, solar and energy storing technologies. So confident are we in the durability of the Miracle range of markers that we offer an unprecedented 3 year warranty on each unit.

Environmental Benefits:

• solar power is renewable, greenhouse friendly energy;

• capacitors used as an energy storage cell with a minimum lifecycle of 20,000 cycles or 55 years;

• Installed using toxic free epoxy resins;

• minimal disruption to delicate eco-systems when compared with excessive light emitting from traditional.

Solar Powered Pavers

Solar Powered Lights in Pavers are powered only by daylight. During the day they use their internal solar cells to make their own electricity.

There are no running costs; they must be the most environmentally friendly lights around. Requires no maintenance.