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Patriot Preformed Detection Loops

Whether installation requires a cut-in, pave-over direct hot asphalt overlay or tied to reinforcing material prior to pouring concrete, Patriot Preformed Detection Inductive loops (P-IDLs) are time-tested to last for 15 years without failure. Patriot Detection not only guarantees the best product on the market, but also completes the customer experience with superior customer service.

Each order for Patriot Detection (P-IDLs) is custom-made and assembled in our factory for total customer satisfaction. Custom assembly not only avoids costly mistakes, but places total quality control over materials and assembly methods in the hands of Patriot Detection staff and management. Wire used in preformed loops is machine-turned and protected by high pressure/temperature flexible conduit which is injected with a self healing water-blocking material.

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Overlay Installation

Installation depth up to 300mm.

Cut in Installation

The most Sustainable Inground Detection available.

Concrete Installation

Future Proofing Detection

Patriot Preformed Inductive Detection Loops


About Us

Juvana Pty Ltd gained the distribution rights for Patriot Preformed Inductive Detection Loops more than 15 years ago. Juvana Pty Ltd gained Type Approval for Patriot Preformed Inductive Detection Loops for – TMR - QLD, TfNSW - NSW, DIPL – NT, DIPTI – SA, Vic Roads - VIC and New Zealand. Member of ITS Australia and AIPTM.


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